Vinson Challenge

is climbing the highest mountain in Antarctica in support of the CINI and Marie Curie charities...



Lord Forsyth is scheduled to undertake the Mount Vinson climb between 29 December 2010 and 10 January 2011. All travel in Antarctica is, however, subject to weather, aircraft serviceability and other local conditions. So for the latest news about his progress please click the 'Blog' tab above. Lord Forsyth hopes to be blogging live throughout his trip.

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27 Dec 2010:   Arrive Punta Arenas, Chile
29 Dec 2010:   Depart Punta Arenas, Chile if weather is suitable
29 Dec 2010:   Arrive ALE Camp in the Southern Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica
29 Dec 2010:   Depart on ski-equipped Twin Otter aircraft if weather is suitable
29 Dec 2010:   Arrive Vinson Base Camp
30–31 Dec 2010:   Acclimatisation and test climbs
1–2 Jan 2011:   Ascent of Mount Vinson begins
1–2 Jan 2011:   Arrive at Low Camp
2–3 Jan 2011:   Acclimatisation
3–4 Jan 2011:   Arrive at High Camp
4–6 Jan 2011:   Attempt on Vinson summit and return to High Camp
5–7 Jan 2011:   Descent to Vinson Base Camp
6–9 Jan 2011:   Return to ALE Camp
10 Jan 2011:   Arrive Punta Arenas, Chile

Timetable subject to change without notice.